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the first webring dedicated to dark content for the bestselling game The Sims

Spring 2004 theme: pale skins

download an exclusive pale sim skin, Lydia

look under "finds" for previews of pale skins on the Goth Sims webring


Looking for Goth Sims? It's moved to Strategyplanet:

Welcome to the official website of the Goth Sims webring. The ring, started in January, 2001, links websites with Gothic-themed add-ons for the EA/Maxis game The Sims. The Goth Sims webring currently has 25 member sites.


Feb 11th 2004: Redesigned the site, added an exclusive download (ie. it won't be found on Goth Sims!) and updated the "finds" section with previews of pale skins on member sites. Many are from large, well known Sims sites such as NightTime Sims, but I have also included lesser known Sims sites that have amazing pale skins. The "finds" section is intended to give a starting point for finding things on the webring, and I'll be updating it fairly regularly with different themes. There are no downloads in that section, only links!

I have also sifted through the webring and moved some sites to the queue. If you are a member site webmaster and notice your site isn't on the webring anymore, chances are your site is missing the required HTML, or wasn't loading when I checked it. You do NOT have to resubmit your site. Just drop me an e-mail and tell me when it's fixed, and I'll move you out of the queue. And don't forget to update your link and e-mail address when you move your site!

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